Interest Based Advertisements

      Interest Based Advertisements

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        Interest Based Advertisements, or ads are used as a way to engage your audience in certain advertisements that may interest them.

        Our Advertisements are focused on what satifies you the most, and while everyone has a difference of opinion, we like to use advertisements that are in trends and target users both under the age of 13 or older.

        We rigorously check that our advertisements are age appropriate for all users and do not violate any policies they may be hosted on.

        As apart of the Roblox Platform and a company on their domain, we ensure all our advertisements are in compliance with Roblox's Terms of Use and Advertising Guidelines, check Community Guidelines section "26" under "Advertisements"

        Information used for IBA

        BlueStar Games may collect certain information, such as what websites you've visited in the last fourteen-thirty days and use that information to help the team understand what advertisements we should be running.

        For more information, please visit our Privacy Statement.

        How to disable ads?

        At this time, there's no official way to disable Roblox advertisements, and we do not offer advertisements through our website. If you wish to disable Roblox advertisements entirely, you'll need to install a trusted plugin that would remove the advertisements.

        These plugins are not endorsed by BlueStar Games or Roblox.

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