Accessibility Statement

      Accessibility Statement

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        Accessibility is an important use of BlueStar Games. We're ensuring all our websites, products and tools are accessible for all users, including those with disabilties. BlueStar Games ensures to be in compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 Level A/AA (WCAG 2.1 A/AA).

        About BlueStar Games

        BlueStar Games has the mission to engage a small demographic of users on the Roblox platform and experiment with a different variety of Roblox Games, such as Difficult Chart Obbies, survival games and Minigames. BlueStar being managed by two business partners, BigBlueChips and Selarise working endless amount of hours to have an effort of engaging our community. When we think of Roblox, we see the same games, the typical Brookhaven, Adopt Me! and there isn't much of a variety.

        We feel that player feedback is essential in the means of production and management of the group. Whether the feedback is bad or good, we're expecting to use the feedback as an essential dilemma to help fight competition and drag players to our games.

        Third Party Services
        BlueStar Games uses other platforms such as Roblox, Discord, Twitter and many more. We do not have control over the accessibility on these platforms. If you encounter an issue, you'll need to contact their team for further support.


        For more information on accessbility, please visit Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and Digital Accessbility > Government, UK.

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